Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bring It On!

Well, a new year is here again. Yes, I realize we are already a month into it, but I still have the tendency to write 2011 on my dated paperwork on occasion. It just hasn't sunk in yet I guess. Regardless of if you are ready for it or not, here it is, staring us in the face with all the bright new possibilities it can bring. Most people make a heartfelt resolution to turn over a new leaf and set a goal to better themselves in some way over the coming months, but I don't often join in this tradition. For me, it's always been 'just one more thing for me to do' that I will most likely forget about all too soon. But this year, I am acquiring a small desire to make a change in my life, so what better way to start than with a New Year's resolution right? So I am attempting it with not just one, but three. My first goal for this year is to exercise more (even if it is only on my Wii).

My next goal will be to save more and spend less of my earnings each week. So far, I've managed to put a little bit back each week in this new year and this feels great after several years of not doing so. In an attempt to spend less each month, I have absolutely written off my bi-monthly trip to Wal-mart with the family. They tend to add things to the cart that are not needed and I am the one who has to foot the bill, so if I must make the trip, it will be alone. This will hopefully aid my goal of saving more.

The last goal I plan on tackling (and it's a big one)is to keep my book keeping organized. I used to be very organized in this matter, but somehow over the years I've let the task slip away from me, as it's one of my least favorite, and it gets put off as long as possible before I try to climb up and out of the paper stack I've created. So it takes hours, when it should have taken only a few minutes each month if I had made time to do it when I should have. I know this is a very bad habit, which is why I am determined to break it this year. This also includes keeping my tax information organized. I wrote a post last year with some great tax tips I had found at the time and I am revisiting it again this year before tax time sneaks up on me. Here's the link if you're interested.

So that's it. My New Year resolutions for 2012.
- Exercise more.
- Save more, spend less.
- Get (and keep) my book keeping organized.

I hope you all have found new goals to set for your own personal and professional growth this year or vowed to retry some of those old forgotten goals and also, that you haven't given up on any of them yet. Good luck to us all!