Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Total Package

Ok, so today I have been thinking about packaging. I wish there was a better way to transfer my wall decals into the hands of my customers in a somewhat stylish yet inexpensive manner. Aside from investing in clear bulk tubes that are expensive and take up a lot of storage space that I don't have, I can't think of anything better than my current method.
Currently I use clear poly bags with a decorative label that is printed with my website and simple installation instructions for any wall expression displayed publicly for sale. This works really well for small to medium expressions, but it doesn't work at all for the larger ones. I thought this subject was worthy of a blog post, so here I am.

How much does packaging influence your purchasing decisions? If you purchase a hand made item, are you happy to receive the item in a standard brown box/bag with no additional frills or do you expect that extra special touch (like decorative labels, tags, bows, gift boxes etc) simply because it is a hand made item?

Any item that I ship (primarily those orders through my Etsy shop) is loosely rolled and fitted into an appropriately sized box along with a business card, sample practice piece and the receipt.

I haven't had any complaints so far, but if I jazz it up a bit I may have to increase my prices slightly to cover the added cost. Since I'm a somewhat frugal person, I tend put more stock in the quality of the item than in the way it's delivered, but on the other hand, I will admit that an eye catching label or box does draw more attention. Keeping in mind that shipping regulations are not so tolerant of pretty bows and ribbon adorned packages, I'm thinking more like adding a ribbon tied around the rolled up decal, or maybe just some twine with a nice hand stamped tag then placing it in the shipping box. So whether you sell handmade items online or you just like to buy hand made things (who doesn't?) I would love to hear your opinion on the matter!

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  1. I think it just makes it more exciting. It brings a smile to my face to see pretty ribbons and packaging. I always appreciate the extra effort that is put into it!