Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft Project #7 and #8 - Dust Cover and Pillowcase Dress

Ok, I guess the poodle skirts got me started on a sewing kick. I put the sewing machine away in the closet (I don't make a habit of sewing and therefore do not have a place to use it other than my kitchen table) after the skirts were finished completely intent on forgetting it again for a while. A few months ago there was a small incident with my 4 yr old getting her finger stuck in an opening on my vinyl cutter. I decided a cover would help to keep her away from it (out of sight out of mind kind of theory)and it would also keep the dust out of it when it wasn't being used. I did a few searches on Etsy (of course) and only found similar covers for Cricut machines or sewing machines, which of course brought to mind MY sewing machine and my newly acquired confidence in using it. I then changed my search criteria to tutorials.

BINGO! I found an easy one for making a Cricut machine cover and I just altered the measurements to fit my vinyl cutter. I then went back to the closet and pulled out my sewing machine for the second time in a month and dug around in my closet for some material. I found quite a bit left over from a past sewing kick more than 5 years ago. I had the bright idea to sew clothing for my son when he was a toddler, but when faced with the challenge of chasing a 2 yr old to try to measure him, then trying to figure out how to cut the pattern while balancing that squirming 2 yr old on my lap my once bright idea quickly became a half-hearted attempt and the project never was completed.

In that moment I felt lucky that I have the occasional tendency to keep things simply because "I may need it someday". So, here is my newly created vinyl cutter dust cover which turned out great.

While I was searching the web for tutorials I also ran across the cutest little pillowcase dress, which I bookmarked for later. Once I had the dust cover done I decided to attempt the dress for my daughter. Then I promised myself I would put the sewing machine back in the closet... again. I bought this really cute pink floral material and some contrasting green ribbon then by chance ran across a little headband and flower clip that matched perfectly ( I love Hobby Lobby!). I was completely pumped up about this little project but I made myself put it off until the weekend when I had a bit more time. Then I revisited the dress tutorial , sat myself down at the kitchen table and started sewing.
My first mistake was not leaving enough material allowance for folding over the top hem. My second mistake was buying single fold bias tape instead of double fold. Lesson learned- I now know there is a difference and yes, it does matter. Since I was already knee deep in the middle, I jimmy-rigged it the best I could and made it work, and although the stitching around the trim shows and the dress ended up about 2" shorter than planned, I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt at dress making. My daughter loved it, and that's really all that matters anyway!

Now the sewing machine is back in the closet and I am over my little sewing kick for a while. Now it's on to the busy month of June. This weekend is the long awaited dance recital (putting those poodle skirts to good use!) then I am off to my very first sign industry trade show. Loads of interesting things I'm sure will come of it!

Until next time ~


  1. That dress is adorable! I always forget to leave room for seams, too, but yours still looks great!

  2. I love the dress and matching headband. Too cute! Great job btw!