Sunday, May 22, 2011


I love animals, but I especially love dogs. They are all unique individuals, just like us, but very different in the fact that they are honest and have an unwavering loyalty to their human counterpart that goes far beyond almost any other relationship. As an adult, I have been lucky enough to have two wonderful dogs. A small Yorkie Poo named Sadie was my first chosen canine friend. I searched for just the right kind of dog until I found what I was looking for and when I first met her, I knew we were a great fit. I was blessed to share almost 13 years with my sweet Sadie, before she passed away last summer from heart problems.

My second dog, although not officially chosen, has also been a blessing and a wonderful fit within my family. Rex is a Border Collie mix that showed up on my back porch one night with a very sad face. I suspected someone had dumped him off, unwanted, and he wondered up to our house. I once again had that feeling that he was a good fit for me and that he should stay. I did have to work a bit to convince my husband of this fact, but he eventually came around. :)

They say kindness begets kindness and loyalty begins with kindness. Both of my dogs became loyal companions quite easily within a very short amount of time. They quickly learned to trust and rely on me to meet their needs on a regular basis and my trust and affection for them also grew. They were, and Rex continues to be, a loyal and trustworthy friend and that bond will continue for many years.

I like to believe that there can be business relationships that also have some of these same great qualities. Loyalty must be earned, like in any relationship, but if you are honest, and continuously meet the needs of your customer in a friendly and helpful manor they will appreciate it and are likely to return to you for future orders if the need arises. They may even recommend your business to others, bringing new customers to your door. Over time, a good customer relationship develops and becomes a steady force to help your business grow.

At my day job, one of my daily responsibilities is to answer the phone. I can't tell you how many times I have been greeted with "Hello! Your company was recommended to me by..." or "I have ordered plaques from you for many years..."
Each time I hear this, I feel proud to work for a company that has high standards for meeting the needs of their customers and selling high quality products. I also enjoy being able to help our customers with their questions, and directing them to the right product for their needs. Oh, and we have a few loyal dogs that regularly visit work as well. One of my employers brings his dog to the office sometimes and she waits patiently for him to return. :)

Show kindness, help others, and be honest. I believe these qualities are the root of a great business, as well as a great relationship and are the building blocks for gaining loyal customers to support your business. Oh, and If you don't have a business, then I definitely recommend getting a dog.

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  1. aw Sadie looks like she was a real sweetie. And Rex is a very handsome boy. What wonderful things we can learn from them!