Saturday, May 14, 2011

Internet Swap

I have finally found some quiet time to sit down and write. I have tried several times but with kids, and work, and life, I've easily gotten distracted and put it off yet again, but now I have something I really want to share.

I have just finished with a very fun internet swap on Etsy. I have never participated in any kind of trade agreement over the web, but I was browsing one day and ran across a listing in a shop (Little Goat's Natural Soaps) that sells handmade soaps and bath products for a Barter/Trade/Swap with other Etsy shop owners. In the description she had a list of items that she was interested in trading her handmade soaps for and I was very happy to see that wall decals was one of the items! I contacted Karly and we went back and forth for a few days with the details of what we wanted to trade.
Once we had the details worked out, we made a custom listing for each other with a description of our item for trade. I chose 4 different bars of her handmade soaps...

and she chose a custom wall decal...

When purchasing a trade listing on Etsy, you have to be sure to accept other payment types in your shop settings. This allows for the listing to be purchased without any monetary exchange and feedback can still be left for each shop.

I can't wait for my new soap to arrive, and now thanks to Karly, I think I may have to create a trade listing in my own shop!

Have you ever participated in an Etsy Swap? I would love to hear about your experience!!


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